The National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War, Ukraine 2019

You can read about my doctoral research here. I am involved in several projects, including on paramilitary-styled assaults in Northern Ireland, geo-political orientations in the former-Soviet world, and conflict prediction. You can read more about the projects below. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to email me. You can also read about my attempts at collection data that I never used here.


  • “Legacies of Wartime Order: Punishment Attacks and Social Control in Northern Ireland” (2021), with Kristin M. Bakke, Security Studies, 30(4), 603-636,

  • “A Symposium–debating ‘surrogate warfare’ and the transformation of war” (2019) with Vladimir Rauta, Matthew Ayton, Alexandra Chinchilla, Andreas Krieg, and Jean-Marc Rickli, Defence Studies, 19(4), 410-430.,

  • “Ways Forward: A Research Agenda on Conflict Delegation”, with Alexandra Chinchilla and Giuseppe Spatafora, part of a forum titled “Conflict Delegation in International Relations”, International Studies Review, 23(4), 2048–2078,

Working papers

  • “Geopolitics and Perceptions of Historical Victimization and Resistance”, with Kristin M. Bakke, and John O’Loughlin, article under review.

  • “The Internationalisation of Civil War: How Multiple External States Shape Rebel Dynamics”, article manuscript.

  • “Vigilante Practices: Support for Informal Justice after War”, with Kristin M Bakke, article manuscript.

  • “The Emergence of a Secular State: Enlightenment Literature and Republicanism in the Third French Republic”, with Zeynep Bulutgil, article manuscript.

  • “Predicting the Severity of Civil Wars”, with Nils W. Metternich, Altaf Ali, Gokhan Ciflikli, Gareth Lomax, and Sigrid Weber, article manuscript.

  • “Taking Time Seriously When Evaluating Predictions in Binary-Time-Series-Cross-Section-Data”, with Gokhan Ciflikli, Sigrid Weber, and Nils W. Metternich, article manuscript.


  • Interviewed for PRIO’s Peace in a Pod podcast to discuss my work on Northern Ireland and recent developments in the region, 13th May 2021.

  • “Northern Ireland: how to understand the influence of paramilitary groups”, with Prof Kristin M. Bakke, The Conversation, 12th April 2021.

  • “With Politicians who can’t be bothered to read peace agreements, it’s no wonder Brexit negotiations are such a mess”, with Prof Kristin M. Bakke, The Independent, 2nd February 2019.

  • “Why changing the Good Friday Agreement because of Brexit is such a dangerous idea”, with Prof Kristin M. Bakke, The Conversation, 28th January 2019.

  • Interviewed for “Police the public, or protect it? For a U.S. in crisis, Hard lessons from other countries”, Amanda Taub, The New York Times, 24th June 2020.